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Project Logo

2D and 3D collision-detection library for the Rust programming language.

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Complex shapes

Supports 2D and 3D shapes, from simple spheres to arbitrary triangle meshes, heightfields, convex polyhedra.

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Bounding volumes

Bound complex shapes with simpler ones like AABB and bounding spheres to perform efficient conservative geometric queries.

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Ray casting

Compute intersections between a ray and any shape. Typical use-case include object selection and rendering (ray-tracing).

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Point projection

Test a point for containment, compute distances to a point, or project it on any shape.

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Contact points

Find the closest points between objects in close proximity. If they are penetrating, the minimal translational distance can be obtained as well!

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Sweep tests

Compute the time it would take for two moving shapes to start being in contact.

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Distance computation

Compute the global minimal distance between two shapes.

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Convex hulls and decompositions

Generate triangle meshes from smooth objects, compute their convex hull, or decompose them approximately into their convex components.

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Forever free and Open-Source

Built with a FOSS mindset, we aim to empower the Rust and web communities with an efficient collision-detection framework.


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